Newt Gingrich on America Now with Andy Dean

Newt Gingrich on America Now with Andy Dean

LOS ANGELES, March 23, 2012 – On Thursday, March 22, America Now with Andy Dean welcomed Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich for a candid conversation. Andy asked Newt about Ron Paul’s extremist views, the advice Newt would give Romney if Romney becomes the Republican nominee, and the debt challenge facing our country if Obama is re-elected.

Below are some highlights from the interview. Click here to hear the interview in it's entirety.

DEAN: “I'm an anti-Ron Paul guy because his foreign policy's insane. Why doesn't Ron Paul drop out of this race?”

GINGRICH: “Ron Paul is a protest candidate who runs because he runs. He is supported by people who share his extremist views, and they're happily off in their own world. I mean, they're, they're impervious to any kind of argument, and who knows what he's going to do?”

DEAN: “Mr. Speaker, talking about Mitt Romney for a second ... if he does get the nomination, the goal here for everybody is to beat Barack Obama. So, if you were his top strategy advisor, what would you tell him that he needs to start doing to make his case more forcefully against Barack Obama?”

GINGRICH: “Slow the whole race down and pick three or four gigantic themes and never get off of them . You want to pick fights where, where the facts are so heavily on your side, and where the American people are so heavily on your side, that you win... and that requires a slower race, not a faster race...you want to make your case very calmly, very methodically, and have people just decide, you know? That guy is right.”

DEAN: “If Obama gets another four years, are we as a country past the point of no return, where we're never going to be able to pay off all these debts? I mean, how bad could that be? What do you see?”

GINGRICH: “Well, it can be extraordinarily bad because if we get any level of inflation at all, the US government is now the largest debtor in the world...with a very low interest rate, we're going to pay $415 billion this year in interest on the debt, not paying on the debt, just interest on the debt...and if we get very much inflation at all, it's going to take off in a way that is very frightening.”


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