Mike Walker's New Book Now Available for Pre-Order!

Mike Walker's New Book Now Available for Pre-Order!

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About the book: 

National Revealer's Clark Kelly carved out his killer career as Hollywood's most-feared gossip columnist by exploiting mankind's most ancient vulnerability: "Everyone's got a secret . . . and someone's dying to tell it!" Clark never reveals his to-die-for secret! NEWS FLASH: Dude's a vampire! CUE SCARY MUSIC . . . our undead gossip guru flies the night skies to spy on Hollywood's hottest stars-then inks about their bedroom kinks!

Imagine our studly, urbane journalist jotting notes as he hovers outside Scarlett Johansson's bedroom window, or peeks into Tom Cruise's "bachelor pad." Star secrets . . .? This vampire BITES! And what's sexier than vampires, ladies? Just ask smokin' hot starlet/tabloid terror TayLo Logan-this Wild Child gets crazy with bad boy Clark because his bite makes her blood boil! Then it's LIGHTS . . . CAMERA . . . ACTION! . . . but not in a good way: Vampire Boy and Tabloid Train Wreck TayLo unwittingly end up stars of a sizzling sex tape-destined for worldwide display on the notorious vampire fan sex site, FANGBANGING.COM. Still, the duo's beyond-the-grave love story simmers away as Clark rips the lid off a murder cover-up-then discovers a murderous plot against TayLo! DANGER!

Can Clark stop a stalker who wants to drain his lover dry? Or wreak revenge on Tinseltown billion-heiress Roma Kane for her poisonous plot to paralyze TayLo-and her career? Can he foil a murder cabal so evil it feeds stars' pets to coyotes?

AND THEN . . . talk about the plot thickening! Roma's billionaire granddaddy, mogul Montague Kane, taking a breather from the nymphet "nannies" paid to play his naughty high-chair games, springs a backstab surprise-buying out Clark's beloved National Revealer. Suddenly, "deadline" takes on a whole new meaning. Triggered by vengeful fury, Clark goes "rogue vampire!" Evil is punished . . . and the sun shines once more when he creates a Hollywood happy ending that makes everyone (undeads included) a STAR! Hold the front page! Because Clark Kelly's . . . Out For Blood!

Here's a sneak peek exceprt just for you!:

After surfacing at Hollywood and Vine in the late thirties, I danced my carefree way through the forties with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. No, really . . . I actually socialized with Fred and “hubba-hubba” Ginger. The lady even had quite the crush on me. I kept her at arm’s length, though. Ginger had no idea what I really was, of course. She knew me only as the “sexy, but scary” Los Angeles Times showbiz writer with the unpronounceable name, who absolutely idolized her.                   

But ladies do get jealous. So I made damn sure Ginger never knew about my affair with Rita Hayworth. Or Lucille Ball. Yeah, Lucy, that funny, sexy lady. A chorus girl who was just breaking into movies when I first enjoyed her favors, Lucy was a lithe, long-legged, milky-skinned redhead. Ah, did the carpet match the drapes, you ask? That naughty question invariably cracked Lucy up.                    

“People always ask me that,” she’d giggle. The answer? Sorry, but I loved Lucy, and I never gossip about lovers. Even gossip columnists have principles. Well, the good ones, anyway, who are artfully filthy and funny, but always fair—cutting, but never cruel. That’s why all but a handful crash and burn. 

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